How to Join

Membership of The Cricket Society is open to all

Top 5 reasons to join the Society

  • We are a Worldwide Society with about 1,700 members 

  • Lunches/Dinners around the UK with top speakers

  • Each year we publish two 72 page Journals and eight News Bulletins with a lively correspondence section

  • We support cricket awards including the Book of the Year

  • We play cricket and welcome new players

For more details of our activities and to see examples of our publications please go the About Us page.


With effect from 28 September 2021 new subscriptions are valid for one year from date of joining. Existing members renewal date will continue to be 1 January.

We prefer subscription payments in Sterling and encourage the use of Direct Debit for those with a UK bank account. Overseas members who do not have access to a sterling account can use PayPal to make payment via credit card. Please contact David Wood (details below) for more information about using PayPal. 

To join The Society simply download the Membership Application Form (September 2021)
If you wish to pay by Direct Debit please download the Direct Debit Instruction Form

Complete the form(s) and send, with your payment if applicable, to: 

David Wood
Membership Administration
The Cricket Society 
PO Box 6024 
Leighton Buzzard 

Please note the completed Direct Debit instruction must be sent in the post because we need an original signature on the form