Chairman's Corner

In each of our regular New Bulletins the Chairman, Nigel Hancock, writes his observations on Cricket Society matters. You can read the latest edition below. 

July/August 2020

Greetings everyone, may you all enjoy the Test cricket soon to be coming our ways and whatever else you are able to appreciate in these challenging times. I expect that many of you, like me (and, I understand, our esteemed President John Barclay), have become something of a Baby Zoomer in recent weeks, both to keep in touch with people we know and love and to follow our varying interests. Rarely a day goes by without the option of following a link and suddenly seeing an array of names and faces, some known, mostly not, tuning into talks and performances of this and that. You can either ignore these invitations or join when you want, and if the latter leave without the audience thinking you don’t like the speaker very much. Pitch Publishing’s admirable initiative of a series of fortnightly interviews until the autumn – drawn attention to elsewhere in this issue – has brought cricketing matter and natter to about 160 households. It can be worth having a look just to see what’s on the shelves of the rooms participants tend to view from!

Your Executive Committee has been meeting on-line in recent weeks, trying both Zoom and other platforms. Our plans for members include some on-line meetings using Zoom, for which questions from members will be possible. We hope that these sessions will be of interest both to those of you who attend meetings in the Cricket Society’s various locations and to members who don’t come to normal meetings.

All members for whom we have email addresses will have been informed by an email from David Wood of how to access them. Using platforms like Zoom are straightforward once you get used to them. The same information will be placed within the members’ section of this website . If you are not hearing from us by email and want to please provide your preferred email address to David Wood

Here in one place are some of our plans, on-line and possibly otherwise, for the next few months:

14 July, 14.00 to (approx.) 15.30. ‘John Barclay in conversation with Stephen Chalke’. Via Zoom

[30 July], 14.00 to (approx..) 15.30. ‘Vic Marks interviewed by Nigel Hancock’. Via Zoom

(to be confirmed) August. ‘Charlotte Edwards in conversation with Raf Nicholson’. Via Zoom

(to be confirmed) October. Members’ meeting with speaker. Via Zoom and/or at the Union Jack Club subject to satisfactory social distancing arrangements being possible

30 October, Autumn Lunch and Awards Ceremony at The Oval. Discussions are underway with Surrey about the feasibility of holding this event this year

Autumn 2020, re-arranged Cricket Society and MCC Book of the Year Award event. At Lord’s or via Zoom or similar

17 November, 18.00 to 19.00, Annual General Meeting. At the Union Jack Club and/or via Zoom. Feasibility and technical discussions planned for this and other UJC events

17 November, 19.00 to 21.00, Discussion Panel. At the Union Jack Club and/or via Zoom. This event is scheduled for the exact date on which The Cricket Society was founded in 1945, 75 years ago

17 December, 19.00 to 21.00, members’ meeting with Ian Gould. At the Union Jack Club and/or via Zoom

January to March 2021, monthly members’ meetings: Mark Peel in January, other speakers to be confirmed. At the Union Jack Club and/or via Zoom

Cricket Society publications: this year’s remaining Bulletins should reach members by 28 August, 9 October, 20 November and 31 December. The Autumn Journal – a bumper edition marking 75 years of The Cricket Society -will be with the November mailing.

Please remember that we welcome contributions from members, to be sent please to John Symons (Bulletin Editor) and Nigel Hancock (Journal Editor) . I hope that the next Journal will include a selection of your recollections and thoughts about your time as a member around the theme of “The Cricket Society and me”: so please keep them coming.

Nigel Hancock