2020 Season

Cricket Society Captains Report 2020

The cricket season of 2020 is one that we will always remember. We started the season with the prospect of no cricket at all this year, only to be gifted the opportunity to get on the field and rekindle our summer.

This was never going to be a year for breaking records, but instead, it was a season where we played with greater appreciation for being out in the open and enjoying being with each other on and off the field. The highlights in my mind are not on the field but sat after the matches chewing over the moments of the day’s game. The evening sun setting at Kingston Bagpuize as we drank beer, the fish and chip van at West Meon, and the heat of discussion after the scores level game at Blackheath. These are the moments I will come back to - glorious moments where we were able to forget about lockdown rules and our minds were somewhere far superior. 

We have missed some of our regular players such as John Symons, Paul “Smell a Wicket” Spencer, Alan Newman and Tom Carmichael, and look forward to seeing them again next year. This has meant we have seen several new players with the likes of Lawrie Bell, Dan White, Sayed Sadat, Simon Stevens, Sam Jackson and Will Halliday all making useful contributions in the team.  Some players have returned with Gareth Mort gaining his first 50 for the Society and providing useful off-spin, whilst David Chapman has made some excellent contributions with the ball and his partner, Jackie, is an excellent addition to the supporters club. 

Daniel Humphreys has stepped up to keeping wicket in the absence of Tom and has kept well against pace and spin on a variety of testing wickets.

I set a target at the start of the year to get everyone who played to contribute to the game and we have managed to achieve this - every match has been a complete team effort, with an impressive 13 games played - won 5, drawn 6 and lost 2. 

The noticeable achievements on the field were Stuart Cosstick gaining his maiden ton at Warlingham, and Ruky Wickremasinghe doing the same at West Chiltington. Andy Sheldon took his 200th wicket for the Society (long awaited after having had 3 in a row dropped by the skipper), and Harry Fenn played his 100th game, whilst getting his 100th wicket as well. 

Jason Fenn scored 532 runs at an average of 59.11. Even more pleasing was having five players (Jason, Ruky, Peter Hardy, Stuart, and Rob Humphreys) score 1600 runs, and all averaging over 33, whilst Ronald Paterson made several telling contributions in the middle order. 

Paul Fielding was the leading wicket-taker with 19, closely followed by Ruky with 16 who also had the best average with 11.44. Harry Fenn, as usual, dominated the pace attack finishing with 13 wickets, with many other bowlers owing him their wickets as a result of the spells he put in throughout the season. Andy Sheldon also bowled selflessly throughout the season. 

We are very grateful to our umpires who give up their time to officiate our games. A number of our regulars were isolating, but we were very grateful to Andrew Moss, Richard Plume and Tony Martin for their excellence and commitment. 

We missed our usual wandering support from the ladies, and of course, in particular at Odiham where I missed Trevor Woodage who passed away in the early part of the summer. We look forward to next year when our merry caravan of supporters can resume their knitting, sewing, ball throwing, scoring, childminding, dog walking, drinking and bring that life back to our games. 

Lastly special thanks to Tom Carmichael and Peter Hardy who stepped up during lockdown to ensure all the games could go ahead in these exceptional circumstances. Most people will be unaware of the hours they have put in communicating with other clubs to get our games on, for which we must be very grateful. 

As we head into winter I hope for all involved with the Society X1 this year, they will have fond memories of the cricket and camaraderie and those memories will see us through whatever Covid is going to throw at us, so that we can all return to the field again in April 2021. 

Winter well, and please stay safe. 


Cricket Society Averages 2020

Played 13 Won 5, Drawn 6, Lost 2. Cancelled through Covid 14









Ruky Wickremasinghe







Jason Fenn







Rob Humphreys







Stuart Cosstick







Peter Hardy







Ronald Paterson







Gareth Mort







Jim Burry







Ash Saleem







Harry Fenn







Daniel Humphreys








Also batted :

10 matches:Paul Fielding 5*, Andy Sheldon 6*

4 matches : David Chapman 0*, 15

2 matches : Stuart Smith 75 *,30 ; Dan White 56, 45 ; Will Halliday 35*, 32; Lawrie Bell 33,2

1 match : Tom Fenn 40;Ilija Krunic 5*, Seb Price 0.

Did not bat:

4 matches : Tom Carmichael

2 matches: Mark Wheeler, Sayad Sadat

I match: Denise Fielding, Simon Stevens, Sam Jackson.









Ruky Wickremasinghe






David Chapman






Paul Fielding






Harry Fenn






Jason Fenn






Andy Sheldon







Also bowled: Gareth Mort 13-0-60-5 ; Mark Wheeler 12.3-1-45-4; Ilija Krunic 10-2-25-3; Stuart Smith 12-2-64-3; Ash Saleem 35-6-108-3; Jim Burry 18-1-84-2; Will Halliday 4-0-12-1; Sam Jackson 5-2-15-1; Tom Fenn 5-0-22-1; Simon Stevens 6-0-17-1;  Peter Hardy 8-0-49-1; Sayad Sadat 9-0-51-1; Stuart Cosstick 2-0-29-0; Daniel Humphreys 1-0-10-0.


14  Jason Fenn (8 ct 3 st)

7 Rob Humphreys ( 6ct 1 st )

6 Harry Fenn, Saleem

4 Wickremasinghe

3 Carmichael ( 1 ct, 2st), Cosstick

2 Hardy (1ct, 1 st), Daniel Humphreys ( 1ct 1 st), Tom Fenn, Burry, Paterson, Mort, Sheldon

1 White, Chapman, Stevens, Sadat

Partnerships of note

1st Wicket: J Fenn/Hardy 133 v Sparsholt;  Wickremasinghe/Hardy 94 v Chessington; Bell/Wickremasinge 92 v West Chiltington; Mort/White 82 v Lingfield; JFenn/Wickremasinge 61 v Newdigate;

2nd Wicket: Smith/Cosstick 126 v Warlingham; JFenn/Hardy 119 v Newdigate; Smith/Wickremasinge 94 v SOA;  J Fenn/Wickremasinghe 90 v Old Wimbledonians;   White/Cosstick 75 v Shepperton Wickremasinge/Hardy 68 v West Chiltington; Mort/Paterson 61 v Lingfield;

3rd Wicket: Halliday/Cosstick 82* v Warlingham; JFenn/Humphreys 37 v Chessington; J Fenn/H Fenn 35 v West Meon; Humphreys/Paterson 30 v Sparsholt;

4th Wicket: J Fenn/Paterson 122 v Shepperton; JFenn/Humphreys 64 v Odiham & Greywell; Cosstick/JFenn 40 v Old Wimbledonians; J Fenn/Burry 30 v Sparsholt

5th Wicket: Mort/Humphreys 25 v Chessington; JFenn/HFenn 28 v Odiham & Greywell; Saleem/Paterson 25 v SOA; Cosstick/HFenn 32 v Blackheath; JFenn/Chapman 55 v Old Wimbledonians; Burry/Mort 36 v West Meon

6th Wicket: JFenn/Cosstick 53 v Blackheath

7th Wicket: R Humphreys/Paterson 57 v Sanderstead;

8th Wicket: Sheldon/Fielding 16* v West Meon


2020 Match Reports

26h July v Sparsholt Won by 7 wickets

Sparsholt 201 for 5 dec

Cricket Society 202 for 3 (Jason Fenn 85, Peter Hardy 43)

Our first game in the new world of Covid Regulations proved a success. Some had watched the previous day’s rain on the Sparsholt webcam, but the day stayed fine. New skipper, Rob Humphreys lost the toss and we had a long day in the field. However, our batsmen rose to the challenge with Jason Fenn and Peter Hardy leading the way with good contributions from Ronald Paterson and Rob Humphreys.  Sparsholt were generous hosts even to the extent of presenting a bottle to our match -winning batsman.

2nd August v Old Wimbledonians. Won by 60 runs

Cricket Society 216 for 5 (Jason Fenn 102*, Ruky Wickremasinghe 47)

Old Wimbledonians 156 for 7

Jason Fenn was again in blistering form with 102 and others chipped in. A consistent bowling display with David Chapman to the fore meant that Old Wimbledonians struggled to get close to our total.

3rd August v Blackheath. Match Drawn, scores level

Blackheath 142 all out (Paul Fielding 3 for 36, Ilija Krunic 3 for 25)

Cricket Society 142 for 6 (Jason Fenn 42, Stuart Cosstick 37*)

An excellent bowling display restricted Blackheath to 140. The sanitiser breaks and a slightly elongated tea meant that we only received 30 overs in return and at 15-3 things didn't look good. Jason Fenn, batting at 7 after keeping wicket, hit an explosive 42 to keep Stuart Cosstick company. The Blackheath skipper introduced himself and tightened things up. A last over flourish left the scores level with both teams enjoying a level of satisfaction.

7th August South Oxfordshire Amateurs. Lost by 3 wickets

Cricket Society 173 for 7 dec (Ruky Wickremasinghe 73)

SOA 174 for 7

This fixture was revived after a gap of several years. The game was originally scheduled for Radley College, but we were relocated to the delightful Kingston Bagpuize ground. Ruky Wickremasinghe hit a rapid 70 but we struggled a little to maintain momentum. A strong SOA batting line up got home by 3 wickets but not before a few scares against our spinners.

9th August v Odiham and Greywell. Match Drawn

Odiham 242 for 8 dec (Andy Sheldon 3 for 73)

Cricket Society 186 for 6 (Peter Hardy 49, Rob Humphreys 44, Jason Fenn 34)

Odiham rattled up another substantial score, leaving us with a sizeable task. Tom Carmichael received a blow in the face keeping wicket which somehow became a season-ending hamstring injury by the following night. Daniel Humphreys took over the gloves with some aplomb. Our batting briefly challenged but in the end a draw was the result.

12th August v Lingfield Match Drawn

Cricket Society 212 for 6 dec (Dan White 56, Gareth Mort 50)

Lingfield 124 for 8 (Mark Wheeler 3 for 33, Ruky Wickremasinghe 3 for 31)

Crawley Down skipper, Dan White, on debut and Gareth Mort seized their opportunity and hit fine 50s at the top of the order. Lingfield found batting hard going but we couldn't budge their 9th wicket pairing.

16th August v Newdigate Won by 29 runs

Cricket Society 195 for 3 (Jason Fenn 119*, Peter Hardy 37*)

Newdigate 166 for 8

In a game originally scheduled for 35 overs, Jason Fenn broke Tony Crockert's record for the most Society hundreds. Heavy rain led to a shortened game and, although the top order batted well, Newdigate were well short. The penultimate over conceded 24 runs but the bowler will remain anonymous.

23rd August v Chessington Lost by 2 wickets

Cricket Society 175 for 6 (Ruky Wickremasinghe 60, Rob Humphreys 51*)

Chessington 179 for 8 (Jason Fenn 3 for 68)

This was a new fixture next door to the World of Adventures. Finding ourselves with 9 men was not the best of starts but our hosts kindly loaned a sub when we fielded. Batting first on a slightly tricky track and against good bowling our total in 35 overs seemed a bit above par. Ruky Wickremasinghe gave the innings an explosive start and Rob Humphreys hit a classy 51*. Harry Fenn bowled the Chessington opener with a first over jaffa, but our hosts were always up with the rate. The batsmen kept coming and several balls disappeared. Good bowling nearly won it for us, but Chessington got home with 3 balls to spare.

26th August v Warlingham Match Drawn

Cricket Society 235 for 1 dec (Stuart Cosstick 100*, Stuart Smith 75*)

Warlingham 199 for 6

Several late dropouts did not prevent the Society fielding a strong side. A re-modelled batting order made hay. Stuart Smith made an accomplished 75, but the real star was Stuart Cosstick who thoroughly deserved his first Society ton. Warlingham made a perfectly respectable reply in this most pleasant of midweek fixtures.

30th August v West Meon and Warnford. Match Drawn

Cricket Society 151 for 7 dec (Jason Fenn 30)

West Meon 138 for 9 (Andy Sheldon 4 for 47, Harry Fenn 3 for 28)

With only 9 regular players available, Denise Fielding made her cricketing debut and was an asset in the field. Batting was tricky for both teams. Extras topped scored in the Society innings. Although West Meon started well, Andy Sheldon and Harry Fenn reduced our hosts to 9 wickets down. Stuart Smith, this time in the opposition, kept our bowlers at bay.

31st August v Petersfield. Cancelled

A Petersfield player tested positive for the virus on the day before the game. The club was not the source, however he had contact with several of the team due to play us. Subsequent tests were negative, the circumstances investigated and a deep clean of the pavilion took place. Obviously, Petersfield had no alternative than to temporarily suspend all cricketing activity but were hopeful of a quick return. They deserve praise for their actions in such difficult circumstances. Cricket is a minor consideration compared with people's health.

Sanderstead Draw, West Chltington Won, Shepperton Won